Volunteer with Designer Consignors:  There are many perks!

For every 3 hours you volunteer, you can earn an extra 5% on your total sales (maximum 90%).

  • Simply consign and receive 60% of your total sales.
  • Consign and volunteer for one 3-hour shift and receive 65% of your total sales!
  • Consign and volunteer for two 3-hour shifts and receive 70% of your total sales!
  • And so on ….. up to 6 shifts and 90% of your total sales.

Plus, you get to shop a special presale before the consignors and the public on Wednesday starting at 4:00 pm if you work 5-6 shifts or 5:00 pm if you work 1-4 shifts.

What You May Be Doing
Nothing too hard! We may have you setting up tables, setting up racks, straightening clothes on the racks, managing the dressing rooms, helping with customers, helping with consignor drop-off and pick-up, organizing shoes, sorting tags, etc. Most of our volunteers really have fun. We couldn’t run the sale without volunteers and we sure do appreciate you!

What Times Are Available?
We have shifts available morning, afternoon and evening.

Register as a Volunteer

If you are also a consignor, to register as a volunteer, simply login as a consignor and follow the link to the volunteer sign-up page.

If you are NOT consigning, create a worker account here.